Only through a complete series of technologically state-of-the-art machines a company can maintain its positioning in the market.

That’s the reason why, at the end of 2017, CAM signed a purchase order for a new multi-pallet machining center by Mandelli.

This is the latest SPARK 1600X model in its extra precision version. It is equipped with continuously controlled 5 axis and 6 stations, with a turning table. The machining area measures 1,600×1,600×1,700mm and the store can stock up to 316 tools.

The machining center is being manufactured in Mandelli’s factory and will be installed at the beginning of spring. In the meantime the workshop is getting ready to welcome the new machine by rationalizing its layout, preparing a dedicated overhead travelling crane, a Featurecam station by Autodesk and an extremely stiff and stable base so as to maximize the performance of the new machine.