CAM si è dotata di un nuovo centro di lavoro per aggiornare e completare il proprio parco macchine.

We are talking about Mandelli Spark 1600 Turning, now completely installed, tested and operative.

The machine works on 5-axis with 7 pallets, 1 of them dedicated to the turning, peculiarity that, associated with the tilting head and to the possibility to work with the strongest metals, make it suitable for aviation and energetic fields.

The tools warehouse is furnished with 316 positions and 2 robots insuring a fast moving.
The working area 1600X x 1700Y x 1400Z renders the biggest and versatile CAM work station now working. Operators have concluded the training courses, both for the use of the equipment and the cad – cam systems management. Several series have been already processed and finished with great satisfaction.

The installation of Mandelli Spark 1600 Turning is just a confirm of the strategical importance that the family board award to consistent technological update; this is the privileged path in order to consolidate the Company position on markets and open new horizons.