Our precision provides our customers with a guaranteed  top performance of their products. We love challenges and we are fond of the most complex and customized works.

We love the customers who urge us to meet new challenges. Creating a prototype or a small series of pieces with great care and accuracy as required by your project, no matter how complex it is, is our daily bread. Over the years we have stood out for our accuracy in building details and assembled pieces. Our choice to acquire ever new technologies by opening departments devoted to superfinishing and metrological control activities results from a natural and fundamental evolution. This choice has enabled us to offer our customers a guarantee of quality and “free pass” products that do not need further controls in compliance with the value stream.

More specifically, our superfinishing department, where there is a constant controlled temperature at 20°C, is what enables us to provide micron accuracy.


Visionaries stand apart. They are part of a singular, indefinite group which includes diverse talents and maybe even unequal souls. Sometimes they make the most daring and the freest side of creative genius appear.

“Henri Focillon”


Since the end of his studies, in the years following the war, Valentino Viola dreamt of “his own” company. A place where he could meet technical challenges: “If everybody can do it, then that’s not for me”.
The first CAM workshop was set up in 1960 based on this philosophy.


Everything in the life of our founder has been tackled with study and dedication, both in his private and professional life. A man that focuses on his passions in order to achieve his objectives.


With extreme determination, dedication and perseverance, Valentino Viola and his family are still today paving the way for the years to come. The purchase of a new technologically advanced machining center projects the company into the future by providing it with the tools which are necessary to meet new challenges.


The Organization works in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Since its foundation product quality has been the added value of the company. Obtaining this certification has been just another step forward towards continuous improvement.
Customer satisfaction ratings are the best evidence of how our company has evolved.

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